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We offer fantastic Frozen Catalpa-Catawba Worms Bait Products for your fishing needs.
Recognized leading brand products in the fishing industry. Such as Catalpa Gold LLC, and More.
Due to the special nature of the Frozen Catalpa/Catawba Worms. 
Shipping Charges will be for styrofoam containers with added ice packs.
There is also a charge for the special packaging and handling as noted in the shopping cart.
Note: There is No Free Shipping Offer available on Catalpa Worms or Frozen Bait.
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Frozen Catalpa~Catawba Worms Available and are Ready to Ship ... Right to your front door! 

Frozen Catalpa/Catawba Worms

Frozen Catalpa/Catawba Worms       Frozen Catalpa/Catawba Worms
Available 12 doz -- Currently In Stock  
Contact us to have your name and phone on our list to call you when they are available.
Contact us prior to ordering for type of packaging used. May differ at times from explanation.
Payment for Catalpa Worms and Special shipping and handling must clear our PayPal account prior to shipping out.
We ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays for 1-3 days FedEx deliveries. Wednesdays the latest for 1-2 FedEx deliveries.
Description: Catalpa/Catawba Worms are packed approximately doz 12-14 each per pack. 
Fantastic to fish for Catfish, Panfish, Bluegill and many other species.

Keep them frozen until you are ready to use them for fishing. 
Just take out what you will use for the day and let them thaw naturally. (Do not use the microwave for thawing).

How to use Catalpa/Catawba Worms: Some anglers will turn the Catalpa/Catawba Worms inside out. 
Some anglers will cut the ends off which will start the juices to flow.
The juices is what the fish will be drawn to. Catfish have keen smelling senses.

Some anglers will use half a worm at a time.
Orders will require a --- minimum of 4 dozen
A small container will hold up to 12 doz. and a cost of container will be $16.00 for the special container and ice packs. 
Plus shipping charges. (Note you will keep the small container).
A larger container will pack 13 to 20 dozen.
Regarding: Large container information:

* Will require a deposit of $35.00.
* The container will need to be returned to us. 
* Upon returning the large container in good condition.
** Note: When container is received and check in good condition.
***The deposit of $35.00 will be returned via same way the payment was received.

Plus Shipping Charges.
You can enter the correct number of dozen in the shopping cart
to process your order!  Thank You.
Frozen Catalpa/Catawba Worms
Requires 4 dozen minimum order, additional can be added in the cart.

To order 100 count choose the "Add to Cart" below, additional can be added
in the cart.

Total shipping will be added at "checkout" according to location.

Important Information regarding PayPal Shipping and Handling Charges.

We use PayPal for  processing all payments.
PayPal accepts all charge/Debit cards
PayPal will release payment immediately when Charge Cards are used.
This will allow us to ship out immediately with cleared payment.
PayPal accepts eChecks. (Note they hold all eCheck payments for 7-10 days until they clear.
PayPal releases payment to us when cleared.... 
We only ship with cleared payment is received.. 

We can take your payment over the phone. We will use PayPal as our payment method.
(This will take 2-3 business day to receive a cleared payment in our account).
Note: All payments must be cleared prior to shipping out your order.
If you would like to receive a Shipping Quote prior to placing your paid order. 
Contact us with the dozen count you will need and we will get a 
shipping and handling quote for you.
We usually ship FedEx. 

1 Day Ground
If you are near to us we ship to address is 1 day ground from our zip code (65740) 4 to 12 dozen frozen worms
in a small container
, we will ship FedEx.
(Note: you will keep the small container and will not need to return it to us.)
2 Days Ground 
If your address is more than 1 day ground from our zip code (65740), or your order is more than 12 dozen 
frozen worms then they will need to go (2 day ground/25 frozen worms Super Insulated Container).
This is the only way we can get the worms to you frozen without using dry ice. 

(If ordering 13 dozen or more. This is the only way we can get the worms to you frozen without using dry ice. 
Once the box arrives, give us a call to let us know they got there in good shape, 
and we will get the box picked up via FedEx with a call tag.)
If the Time in Transit is not listed you can view the FedEx Ground map from our zip code (65740).
If the Time in Transit is not listed you can view the FedEx Ground tracking information.

How do I return the Super Insulated Container?
Get your frozen worms out and put them back in a freezer. Re-seal the box along with the ice packs, seal and attach the return label. 
Apply the label to the outside of the box, tape it on and put the box on the front porch 
(or a place where the FedEx person can find it). We will schedule a Pickup or call tag for the next day.
Small container which will hold 12 dozen or less - Shipping will be either FedEx Charges. 
Plus a minimal amount of $16.00 for the special container and ice packs. You will keep this container.
For the larger container for 13 dozen or more - Shipping will be either FedEx Charges. 
Plus a deposit of approximately $35.00 that will be refunded when we receive the container back in 
good condition and is in reusable order.
Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the worms will reach you frozen especially during the hot months.
Although; We us an insulated cooler. We will pack them with cold frozen packs to help keep them cold and frozen as long as possible.

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